About Us

Metal Magic is a southern Indiana based paintless dent repair business. We take great pride in delivering a quality paintless dent repair along with a professional service that you can rely on. Metal Magic specializes in auto hail damage, the paintless dent repair process allows us to fix your vehicle back to a true pre-accident condition, your factory paint is applied by million dollar robots that cannot be duplicated by a body shop, so let us help you save the value of your car the Metal Magic way!


Small Ding Repair

Metal Magic can help with all your small door dings that are unsightly and just plain annoying. We call these Wal-Mart specials lol, don’t worry we fix them on a regular basis and thats what most of our return customers come back for. Call us now for an appointment.

Auto Hail Repair

Metal Magic specializes in Paintless Auto Hail Repair. We are a small company based out of southern Indiana, our experience comes from chasing hail storms all over the USA. Metal Magic has a great reputation of taking care of our customers and doing whatever it takes to achieve a happy customer. If it hails on your vehicle and you bring it to us you can rest assure that we will work with you and your insurance to get it back to a true pre-accident condition and we will do everything we can to retain your beautiful factory finish that no body shop can replace. let us prove it to you and experience the Metal Magic way

large Dent Repair

Metal Magic can save you an aggravating trip to the body shop in most cases. We can’t save every dent from the body shop but it usually surprises our customers what we can fix with our experience  and we always strive for quality in any repair we do. 

Contact Us

Washington Indiana


Chadd and Sara Flint, owners of Metal Magic. We do our very best to make sure each of our customers are happy with the service they receive. We take great pride in the business we have built and strive to keep it focused on customer satisfaction.


Vincennes Indiana


One of our great partners at Metal Magic, Todd Allen is a great paintless dent repair technician with a keen eye for quality, we are proud to have him on our team.